What Is Mara Maree?

A good question.

I started and re-started my business model a dozen times before finally deciding what it was I was doing, so this should be easy for me to explain by now.

I wanted to create the kind of clothes I was happy to put on my kids. Thats it in a nutshell.

As a parent you always want to do the best by your children. You worry about every little thing you say and do and how it’s going to shape these little people you’ve been made responsible for. And it extends beyond their immediate needs and into the future. What kind of lifestyle am I setting them up for? What sort of planet am I helping create for them?

I didn’t give much thought to ‘future generations’ until I gave birth to one of their members. This is short sighted and a bit selfish, I’ll admit, but suddenly the idea that the people who would have to live in this dystopian future I was helping cultivate with my thoughtlessness would be my family hit me. Hard.

So I began researching companies who produced durable, organic and sustainably sourced materials. I began talking to other small businesses and found a few who had the same goals I did. And then I started sewing.

A big part of child rearing is about modelling good behaviours. I made more lifestyle changes when I found out I was expecting than I ever have on any New Years Day. My eating habits changed, I began going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, I did a household budget and a meal plan. I finished a dozen projects I had started at various points in my life and one of those projects was Mara Maree. I wanted to create something for my kids. I wanted to create something that was sustainable and responsible while still having fun.

I love that so many businesses are focussing on this now days. I love that there is a whole community of like minded people who are supporting these businesses. It gives me a lot of hope for the kind of future my kids will now get to enjoy. And I love that I get to play a part in shaping it.

Our Team

Head Designer

Human Resources

Quality Control

Charlotte (Charlie)

We Aim To Create High Quality,
Hand Made Clothing and Accessories

Hand Made Garments

 Hand made limited run garments mean you get something truly special. You wont find the other bubs at playgroup wearing your Mara Maree outfit! (Unless you brag and send them our way of course)

Specialty Service

Need something gift wrapped? Just mention it upon check out. Love an item but need to make some adjustments? Just get in touch! Buying from a small business means you get personalised service from the people who care about you and your purchase.

Ethically Produced

Because our garments are all made in Australia, by team members who are invested in our business, you can buy with a clear conscience knowing the people who make the garments are well treated and directly benefiting from your purchase.

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